Base Rate

Fiscal YearMonthBase Rate
FY 2080/0812080 Kartik20.65%
FY 2080/0812080 Asoj15.44%
FY 2080/0812080 Bhadra16.41%
FY 2080/0812080 Shrawan19.77%
FY 2079/0802080 Asar15.76%
FY 2079/0802080 Jestha16.50%
FY 2079/0802080 Baishakh17.27%
FY 2079/0802079 Chaitra19.77%
FY 2079/0802079 Falgun16.77%
FY 2079/0802079 Magh15.91%

CEO Message
CEO Image
Dhirendra Lal Karn

Namaste and a very warm greeting to all members of SLBSL family and well-wishers. Most of the finance institutions are established and concentrated in urban areas and run in conventional way. So the rural poor have no access to the financial services. I assure that the SLBSL provide banking services to the rural people focusing to the marginalized and deprived groups/communities who are financially ‘unreached' and support them for self- reliant economic development activities in the communities. Thank you all, your support and encouragement in this endeavor. Let us put our all efforts together for achieving higher volumes and earnings in the succeeding years without compromising on quality and members happiness.